Do you see a lot of conflicts at work, people working at cross purposes, even though at their heart, they have a common desire for success??? In my view, many times this is due to organizations not having a common vision, common sets of priorities, and measurable objectives. Or, perhaps they think they have this common vision, but until they go through the exercise of writing it down, they don’t realize?how far apart they are.


Each quarter, it’s just required we agree on a set of objectives for the team that can serve as a guidepost through the quarter. These are not set as a absolute iron-clad whipping post list, but rather as a set of important deliverables which the team commits to achieve. For software,a quarterly set of deliverables is a list of external commitments that must be supported by project plans and processes that deliver during the quarter.


Goal and objective setting is a somewhat tedious process that I’ve yet to see someone actually enjoy. Its just not fun, but anytime we skip this step in the course of “just having too much on the plate”, we inevitibly pay the a much higher price.


More on Goal measurement next Blog.


Now, back to that goal setting for next quarter….