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Google and YouTube use Python because it’s highly adaptable, easy to maintain, and allows for rapid development. If you want to write high-quality, efficient code that’s easily integrated with other languages and tools, this hands-on book will help you be productive with Python 3.0 quickly….

Great Book – a comprehensive look at Py

5out of 5

Pros: Easy to understand, Accurate, Helpful examples, Well-written

Best Uses: Intermediate, Novice, Student

I don’t understand other review comments about the book being too big. Too big or incomplete? I’ll take big. Having worked in software development for over 20 years, I’ve learned many languages. This book does a very nice job of covering all the bases for Python. Easy to read, great examples, and I know I’ll be using it as a reference for many years to come. I also appreciate the ability to download the examples from this website.

If you want to learn Python and like doing old school with an actual hardcopy book like I do, this is the book to have.