Its been a very busy forth quarter rounding out 2006. Business travel has taken me to South America twice, we’ve been working on closing a number of deals, and December saw the largest number of products all go GA ever in a month at Simdesk. All these are great reasons for not keeping up with the blog, but its time to get back to it.In 2007, I’m planning to write a series of articles on Software Development revolving around common sense knowledge every leader of a project should know. Though I place them in the realm of common sense, I’ve also seen them sink projects over and over again for those that are unaware (or just too busy to notice). Every series like this needs a catchy title, but I’m afraid we’re out of luck. We’re going to call this one “The 7 Deadly Sins of Software Projects”. If you’re in the business, I’ll wager you’ve either seen a few of these or maybe even been guilty yourself. Its easy to do because they can sneak up on you. Stay tuned.