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Effective Software Projects and Leadership27 Aug 2006 09:17 pm

Ok, so your want to startup or install self-directed teams.(see a previous post on change). As with any change, this is a big challenge and there is no guarantee that it will be accepted completely by the team. Some will be uncomfortable with accepting accountability, a strong Scrum master will be needed, and some just don’t like having to fit within a structured process. In our adoption of Scrum, a few things have helped us gain acceptance:

Training We are fortunate to have a certified Scrum Master on board who has trained the whole team. A full day of training was invested in every member of the team. Additional training is needed for Scrum Masters because their execution needs to be effortless for the process to flow.Executive Buy-in and Support All levels of management must support the process. The integrity of Sprint content must be held in tact for the process to work. During the sprint, business needs sometimes require us to trade Sprint tasks for backlog items, but the integrity is maintained if the team signs up to the change.Strong Leads that are Willing to take on Scrum Master role this process of self directed team still requires someone on the team to drive the process. In my experience, a strong and effective lead developer is one of the most rare and valuable commodities in the Software Engineering world.In short, the only mistake we have made with Scrum is not more quickly adopting the process everywhere in the team. At the end of the day, team success is the greatest motivator for this or any other change.

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