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Tech News20 May 2010 09:27 am

Anticipation is high for big announcements this morning. People literally we running to seats when the large garage style doors opened! Never seen anything like it at a conference…

Big announcement: “the future we don’t want” one company (apple) controlling the platform and choices. Google promoting “innovation from everyone”. Android – daily activations have passed 100k a day!

22 demos of the platform …
Announcing release of android 2.2. 2x to 5x increase in app performance from just in time compiler. Added Exchange support. New messaging API cloud to device. Example shown sending a navigation route from desktop browser to an android device. And… Teathering plus mobile hotspot support! Lots of applause here. Major browser improvements – 2-3x JavaScript improvement. Another demo showing android better than ipad. Claim the worlds fastest mobile browser. HTML5 sneak peak of things coming in the future with access to phone tilt, accelerometer.

And… Just announced flash capable browsing and Adobe Air in android. Jabs at apple for not being open and not meeting needs of users. Demo of moving apps from phone to sd card and searching data in apps. Added update all to update apps and auto update. Complete bug reporting from phone viewable in the dev view of the android marketplace.

Now demoing buying apps AND music from a browser on a pc and pushing both directly over the air to the android device! And now showing moving all music from iTunes streaming to the android device.

Adsense for mobile ads – contextually relevant ads on android – banner ads and expandable ads within an app, including rich media in the expanded ad. Also click to call ad, uses location and allows user to directly call for a special offer.

Wow – they are going to give a htc evo 4g phone to everyone here! What am I going to do with all these phones?

Announcing google TV today! full search of tv programs and seamless transition between tv and web. Includes picture in picture to allow live tx viewing while browsing at the same time. Can bookmark tv channels like web pages. “less time finding, more time watching”. can use android phone as input device to control tv, including speach recognition and pushing a video selection from phone to the TV. Built on Android, includes Chrome browser incl Flash. So will be able to run Android apps on TV and can push apps from web app store to the TV. can choose to build apps on android platform or the web app platform using Chrome.

Google has clearly painted a bullseye squarely on Apple.

Whole Google TV platform will be open source next summer, and will be available in Sony integrated TV and via Logitech accessory box thru best buy this fall.

Eric Schmidt now on stage, with the CEO of intel, Sony, Logitech, dish network, best buy, and adobe. Wow. I think only Google could pull this off.

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