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Tech News22 Jan 2008 04:06 am

Last week, Apple unveiled a new update to their iPhone software and it wasn’t long before the guys around the office were showing off the dazzling new mapping capabilities. Using triangulation between cell phone towers and wi-fi spots, this new update has the very useful ability to pull up your approximate location on google maps right there on the iPhone. This makes getting directions or just figuring out where you are a breeze. In my informal survey of iPhone owners, no one seemed to consider what this really means. So, not only does Google know what you are searching for on the web, knows what’s in your email if you use the “free” gmail, knows what’s on your PC with desktop search, knows what’s in your documents if you are using their new google apps, now they even know where you are at all times. For the sake of convenience and free, we seem perfectly willing to mortgage our whole identity. Interesting.

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