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Effective Software Projects and Leadership and Teams26 Nov 2012 10:18 am

What does this have to do with Software?

When some of my old favorites play on Pandora or Myxer, it seems as I listen to them years later I hear something different than I did back then. One great example is “Jack and Diane” by John Cougar or John Mellencamp, depending how old school you are.  This song came out ironically when I was 16 and had a special fierce meaning for me.  Now, I hear it through the ears of my daughters wanting them to hold on to 16 as long as they can. Another great one is Long Time by Boston.  Every season of my life I hear that song it adapts to a new deep meaning for me.

So it is with leading software teams. Early on in your career, you are young and know the answer to so many questions instantly. As we go on, year after year, project after project, and team after team, you come to realize the wealth of experience that you gain along the way leads you to ask more questions.  You come to know the difference between the really important decisions and the urgent unimportant ones. You come to know the value of your strongest players, how to spot them, how to mentor them and when the time comes, how to bid them well on their next great adventure.
I am thankful for the great leaders that have mentored me, the great teams I’ve had the good fortune to lead and the people I’ve been able to help along the way. I’m grateful for life teaching us that even the same old tune means something new if you take the time to listen.

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