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Tech News24 Jan 2010 09:37 pm

The devastation and human suffering in Haiti is truly overwhelming.  A country and a people with so little had everything taken away in a few moments on January 12th.  The stories of survivors still emerging from the rubble 10 and 11 days after the earthquake are simply amazing.

At this time, I truly feel fortunate I can help in just a small way.  In the software development and other technical fields, you often feel so removed from any substantial positive impact that can come of your efforts.  No so in this crisis.  I feel incredibly privileged to work with the great people of Convio who are working hard through this tragedy to help relief organizations raise money to rescue, aid, and rebuild Haiti.  It is in the most difficult circumstances that greatness often emerges.  I see the greatness in the commitment of our clients, and I am blessed to work with great people everyday.

Please join and help with your support of The Red Cross or  one of these quality relief organizations.

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