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Tech News11 Sep 2011 06:59 am

I remember like it was yesterday.  It was a Tuesday.  We were having our leaders meeting as we did every Tuesday at 9am back then.  I recall Matt walked in a little late and feeling a little irritated as I was preoccupied with the issues of that software project when he says “something’s wrong, have you heard”.  It really didn’t register with any of us at first what had happened. There was a TV on outside our conference room and the first tower was burning.  We stood there in silence, not really understanding, and feeling a little cold and numb.  It was very quiet as more and more of the team started to gather around the TV.  Not knowing what else to do, a few minutes later we went back to our meeting and discussed the things that at the time we thought we important. By the time the meeting was over, the second tower was burning and we knew.  The rest of the day is a blur to me, but I remember I couldn’t wait to get home to see my daughters.

Later that day, we learned of the heroics of the passengers on Flight 93.  In this speech yesterday, President Bush commemorates a new memorial to their heroism in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

America will never forget the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  We must also never forget the words carved in stone in this photo: Freedom isn’t free.  The heroes on Flight 93 serve as an inspiration as we are grateful for their sacrifice.

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